Double Luck

Teacher's Guide for Double Luck
by Becky White

Discussion Questions and Activities - Chapters 9 and 10

Chapter 9

Brother's Place: The switch seemed to have a life of its own. Like a cobra with cornered prey, it struck again and again.

Pre-Chapter Discussion Questions

  1. What are some rules you must follow at home? At school?
  2. How are you punished when you break a rule at home? At school?
  3. Do you think physical punishment is necessary when teaching children to follow rules?
  4. Someday, when you become a parent, what kind of punishment will you use to discipline your children?

Follow-Up Activity — Rules of the House

Discuss why it is important to have rules in a family. Then have each student make a list of the rules that he/she must follow at home. Beside each rule, list the punishment for not following it. When lists are complete, encourage students to share their lists. Decide if punishments fit the infractions. (If you have a student in your class who is physically abused, privately help him/her to master methods of verbalizing to the abuser that other methods of punishment might be more fitting. Role play some situations with him/her.)

Chapter 10

In the Attic:    You have to put away all childish things now and become men.

Pre-Chapter Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever been put in a situation where you were told you had to act as an adult? Share that experience.
  2. Do you often think about how fortunate Americans are to live in a free country?
  3. If you lived in a country that didn't offer freedom, would you risk your life to go to a place where you could be free?

Follow-Up Activity — Impromptu Plays

Break your class into groups of five or six. In different areas of the classroom or playground, ask them to choose characters and reenact a scene from the story.
  • Hiding in the attic
  • Soldiers making the arrest
  • Planning the escape
  • The escape
After practicing the mini-plays, share them in a large group setting.

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