Double Luck

Teacher's Guide for Double Luck
by Becky White

Discussion Questions and Activities - Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 1

Sister's House:    To know that no one wants you is a terrible thing.

Pre-Chapter Discussion Questions

  1. How many in your immediate family (people living in your house)?
  2. Are both of your parents living?
  3. Do you know anyone who is an orphan?
  4. Have you ever attended a funeral? Whose?

Follow-Up Activity — We Are Family

On large poster boards, have each student create a basic family tree, including:
  • mother, father, brothers, and sisters
  • paternal and maternal grandparents
  • aunts and uncles and cousins

Chapter 2

Riding on a Dragon:    That night I dreamed I was flying on the back of a dragon.

Pre-Chapter Discussion Questions

  1. Do you often remember your dreams?
  2. Do you have a dream that you repeatedly experience?
  3. Do you ever use day dreaming as a way to escape boring moments or difficult times?

Follow-Up Activity — Illustrate the Story

As you read the chapter, have students pick a sentence that they would like to illustrate with paints or markers. Perhaps they can sketch with pencils as you read. To motivate some, you may want to list a few excerpts on the chalkboard.
  • The moon rose — a silver sliver shaped like a little boat
  • We were twins, the moon sailing on the horizon and the little boat drifting along in the narrow canal
  • I rode on the winged beast's back all night
  • There was no moon to shed its light, and Heaven's net had pulled in all the stars except one

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