Double Luck

Speaking Appearance Guidelines

Lu Chi Fa's life started with a difficult childhood, but it certainly has become an inspiring and meaningful life. And, as his life circumstances improved, he made a commitment to share his successes with others, or in other words, "Pay It Forward".

So, as he tells his story at schools and other groups, he asks that his audience share in "paying it forward" by either purchasing copies of "Double Luck: Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan" or paying a Fee in Lieu of Purchases.

In all cases Lu Chi Fa donates his proceeds to his scholarship fund at Porterville College or local libraries, such as the Morro Bay Library.

The "Pay It Forward" Guidelines for Lu Chi Fa Speaking Appearances are:

Distance from
Morro Bay
'Pay It Forward'
Book Purchase Commitment
'Pay It Forward'
Fees in Lieu of Purchases
< 100 miles 35 books @ $20.00 ea* $500
100 - 300 miles 50 books @ $20.00 ea* $600
> 300 miles Contact Milt Carrigan at 805-458-8816

*To purchase your Speaking Appearance copies of Double Luck: Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan, call Milt Carrigan at (805) 458-8816.

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Double Luck Symbol
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